Aventador Successor Will Be a V12 Hybrid


Lamborghini currently make one of the most outrageous supercars on the market in the Aventador. However, with cars these days having to become friendlier and friendlier to the enviroment, even Lamborghini will have to make changes to their range some day or other.

Despite Lamborghini being against Hybrid power for years, they seem to have finally come round to the advantages in performance a hybrid assisted engine has.

Chief Technical Officer at Lamborhini, Maurizio Reggiani, said that emmisions and noise regulations mean are forcing the car maker’s hands. But Lamborghini is making the best of the situation. He also stated “The successor to the Aventador will be V-12 naturally aspirated. We can add a hybrid or plug-in to respect all the rules of fuel consumption and emissions.”

Interestingly it appears that unlike Ferrari, in the LaFerrari, who used the battery only for a performance boost, Lamborghini seem to have decided that inStrada mode, it will be able to run on electric power alone. Not something I thought Lamborghini would do. Especially as Ferrari didn’t. In sport modes like Corsa, the battery will be used as a power boost.

Before you ask could the V12 be turbocharged, this has already been confirmed that turbocharging was a one off for the Urus.

More cars are reportedly in the works at Lamborghini at the moment including a brand new 2+2 sports car, a hybrid Huracan successor and a plug in hybrid Urus.


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