Are we seeing the end of Motor Shows?

I used to love Motor Shows as a kid, catching the train down to the NEC or Earls Court to see all the latest cars, primed and polished for people like me to gaze at, from the Supercars of Ferrari and Lamborghini to the everyday cars you hoped your Mum and Dad might buy next, it was always a great thrill to see the latest models from the car makers up close, some of which you could even get the chance to sit inside and play about with the switches and latest onboard toys.

However it seems the Motor Show might be on it’s knees, with the Paris show looming next month, news comes that another Car maker has decided to withdraw from the show, citing cost as the main factor, so there will be no FCA products, no new Alfa’s, Fiats or Abarth’s (and Jeep), Lamborghini have also pulled out, amongst various others from the global industry that is the car world.

In a way it is not a great surprise, with the advent of social media allowing car makers to plug their products 24/7 the whole chance to ‘get your products out there’ has changed. The Motor Show as we know it is no longer the only place people get to see not only the latest offerings but in many cases the unveiling of a new model. Take Lamborghini, recently with the new Avendator SVJ it had it’s official unveiling at Monterey Car Week – Pebbles Beach  – with it’s European bow at the Salon Prive, neither Motor Shows as such but a modern way of bringing the cars to the people who might buy them, in particular the Monterey event, bringing the new Lamborghini to the people who can afford it!

But these shows offer more than just walking round some vast halls looking at cars on the stands, not only can you get up close with them, in some instances see them in action, such as Goodwood, a whole weekend of cars both past and present hurtling around before your very eyes, meaning not can you can see them but smell them, which for petrolheads makes it pretty good indeed.

It is no surprise then that car manufacturers are citing cost as a factor, as now they have to take into account these new types of events along with the traditional Motor Show. Yes if I am right I will miss those Motor Shows of old, but in a world where the latest cars can be viewed on your phone, the chance to see them in at these new events is something I can cope with.


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