Alfa Romeo 4C: Used Car of The Month

In recent times it might have been overshadowed by the Alfa Romeo Giulia, in particularly the Quadrifoglio but the 4C, the Italian companies good looking 2 seater sports car has a lot to offer, mycarcheck has just named the 4C as it’s used car of the month.

Valuation services team manager atmycarcheck.com, Jon Wheeler, said: “The Alfa Romeo 4C is a stunning looking two-seater sports car with an epic, fun edge. Focused and fast, it delivers stripped back, raw driving thrills. The 4C completes the sprint from 0-62mph in 4.5seconds and continues rapidly to over 150mph. Thanks to the full carbon tub, the 4C is light, very light. Combine this with a 1.8litre mid-mounted, turbocharged engine and you have a power to weight ratio of 259bhp per tonne – that’s Ferrari California territory. Don’t expect to find a quiet cabin full of luxury equipment though, more of a functional cockpit with exposed carbon fibre and aluminium.

Early, higher mileage examples go for around £30k, but you’ll have to pay considerably more for the rare and most desirable Spider model. Remember, performance cars are prone to being written-off, so be sure to check the history.”

Do you own an Alfa Romeo 4C, what do you think of it?

Alfa Romeo 4C Spider

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