Abarth 124 rally scores thirty category wins in the 2018 season

  • Victories in the Gran Turismo class in France, Slovenia and Germany last weekend
  • In France, young driver Nicolas Ciamin puts in a stunning performance with Antony Vilanova in the Rallye Mont Blanc-Morzine
  • First ladies’ victory for Italians Masha Mularo and Paola Valmassoi in the Rally Nova Gorica, in Slovenia
  • Belgians Caprasse-Herman win the R-GT category in the Rally Niedersachsen, in Germany

The Abarth 124 rally has how achieved 30 category wins this season, thanks to the three victories recorded last weekend by the French pair Nicolas Ciamin and Antony Vilanova in the Rallye Mont Blanc-Morzine in France, Italian ladies Masha Mularo and Paola Valmassoi in the Rally Nova-Gorica in Slovenia, and Belgians Luc Capasse and Herman Renaud in the Rally Niedersachsen in Germany, which join the wins scored on 1 September by Italians Andrea Maselli and Camilla Gallese in Austria in the Rally Weiz and by Beat and Janine Wyssen in Switzerland, in the Rally del Ticino.

Young French driver Nicolas Ciamin put in a spectacular, masterly performance alongside Antony Vilanova in the Rallye Mont Blanc-Morzine, valid for the French Championship. In his Abarth 124 rally belonging to the Team Milano Racing, he dominated a large GT+ category of 9 crews, recording excellent times even within the overall rankings in the special test stages, in a very tough, hard-fought race with no fewer than 28 four-wheel-drive R5 category cars in competition. A success that keeps the French driver at the top of the GT+ category in the French Championship. “I’m delighted with my performance,” Ciamin stated at the finish, “and although this was my first time in this race, thanks to the Abarth 124 rally’s excellent setup I once again managed to make it into the top positions in the overall rankings.”

At the same time, the Rally Nova-Gorica in Slovenia recorded the first R-GT success for a ladies’ team: Italians Masha Mularo and Paola Valmassoi won the GT category ahead of the Slovenian pairing of Matjaž Zupančič and Damijan Andrejka. Both crews were racing in the Bernini Rally team colours.

Masha Mularo, who already has a successful career in the Trofeo Fiat Cinquecento in the 1990s behind her, was very happy: “I was driving this car for the first time, and I was surprised by what a good feeling I had at the wheel right from the word go. As the kilometres went by, I gradually realised just how much potential the car had, and I tried to make the most of it to finish first.”

In the same weekend, in the Rally Niedersachsen in Germany the Abarth 124 rally of the Milano Racing team of Luc Capasse (BEL) and Herman Renaud (BEL), scored class victory number 30 for the Abarth spider in this successful 2018 season for the Abarth 124 rally Selenia International Challenge.

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