2018 Maserati Travel Diary – GP Nuvolari

GP Nuvolari 2018 Maserati Travel Diary – Day 1, Friday 14 September

Great day with a great car. Never once did the Ghibli MY19 put a wheel wrong as we chased the classics through the rustic planes of the Po Valley and up into the cooler air of the hills where the grapes were being harvested in the early autumn sunshine; it made us bless the air conditioning. Starting in historic Mantua, birth place of the driver who inspired this surprisingly serious regularity event we stopped for a quick but tasty lunch at Mirandola after a couple (or was it three) regularity tests, the idea being to be as, erm, regular as possible. Less said the better really. What followed was hours of great driving roads. Entrants come from across the world including Japan and Russia. At lunch I spotted the famous German works driver Dieter Quester. English sports cars are much favoured even by the German teams and while there is a healthy pre-war element (Bentley, BMW 328 and many others) the era of the fifties seems to be at the heart of things; everything from humble Fiat saloons, Alfas and Jaguars to true exotica like Siata, OSCA and a very early Maserati road car we followed for miles. Wonderful but tiring stuff even in one of the best luxury saloons on the road: I think I would need a week on a health farm if I had been driving a sixty, seventy or eighty year old sports car!

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