2018 Maserati Travel Diary – GP Nuvolari Day 3

Just half a day and 280 kilometres in the Ghibli today which was starting to feel like a home from home; great to experience the buzz of the early morning start with the classic drivers tending their cars into life after a night outdoors. We were glad we had the foresight to fuel up last night once we had found a self service pump that did not require a degree in computer programming to operate. Despite missing one of the oh so comforting pink GP Nuvolari arrows we felt we had finally got the hang of the road book and even had a basic grasp of the regularity sections although to paraphrase Winston Churchill on golf they still rather felt as if they were a way of spoiling a good drive; the real fun was to be had between the tests where some fatalistic approaches to the art of overtaking were to be seen as modern car drivers looked on in bemusement. We returned to the square at Mantua as faux hero’s, second to last in the rankings. The shame! But it was fun to be part of it.

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