2018 Maserati Travel Diary – GP Nuvolari Day 2

GP Nuvolari 2018 Maserati Travel Diary Day 2, Saturday 15 September

Now enjoying the gala dinner with the prospect of a 6.30am start tomorrow. Discovered the ‘sport’ settings on the Maserati Ghibli today; it was almost like driving a different car complete with sportier exhaust and double blips when down shifting. Gave up on trying to do the regularity sections although the reasoning behind it all is beginning to sink in. To those who take it seriously I can only apologise if we got in your way or cramped your style. This event could only happen in Italy where crowds of happy people turned out to the cars in the beautiful town squares of Siena, Arezzo and Urbino while others urged the cars on through the countless mountain villages and even the police got into the spirit of things; motorcycle outriders set a cracking pace for the classics through the hairpins of the transit sections clearly relishing their work. The sounds and smells of the cars are intoxicating and it is amusing to watch a humble Fiat saloon from the thirties not only keep pace with some moderns but look for overtaking opportunities where even I thought twice in a 350bhp 2019 model Maserati.

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