Scuderia Ferrari: Hungarian Test – F1 is going on holiday

Kimi brings test to an end: almost 1000 Km over 2 days for the SF71H

Kimi Raikkonen got behind the wheel of the SF71H, while Antonio Giovinazzi, who had driven it yesterday, was having another day of testing, this time in the Alfa Sauber. Temperatures stayed around the 35 degree mark, while the track surface got as hot as 54 during the day.

Kimi had a busy programme to tackle, focused on various set-up solutions and tyre testing looking at five compounds; Medium, Soft, Supersoft, Ultrasoft and one set of experimental and therefore unmarked Pirellis.

By the end of the day and despite several red flag interruptions, Kimi had covered 131 laps, the best of which being a 1’15”649, set on used Hypersoft tyres, that Giovinazzi had run yesterday.

“In the end, it’s not that different to a Friday at a Grand Prix,” commented the driver, “when you try out various solutions. And that’s why, being a test, the lap times don’t mean much.”

Over the two days of testing, the SF71H completed 227 laps, equal to 994 kilometres. Now, the engines on track fall silent and at the end of this week, almost all work within the teams comes to a halt, starting up again a few days before the Belgian GP, on the last weekend of August.

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