Pogea Racing Creates the Centurion

We have featured the creations from Pogea Racing on various occasions, be it the latest tuned Ferrari or previous Alfa Romeo’s, however the latest from the tuning specialist really does take your breath away. The Alfa Romeo 4C is already a beautiful car and despite the news that it will soon cease to be, Pogea feels there is plenty life in the Italian sportscar yet, and boy are they letting the world know with this luminescent green example.

Based around the 4C coupe, the biggest highlight about it is this stunning paint job. It is a four layer finish with pearlescent details, and the paint was inspired by the latest Aston Martin Vantage. Some exterior details have been modified as well to better suit the new “green” character of the 4C. Most notably the rear end now features a somewhat different vibe with a dark strip that extends between the rear lights. The interior has received much the same green paint on the doors, on the dash, and on the seats, you will either love it or hate but we think it it makes this very green 4C somewhat more special and extreme at the same time.

The most important thing for the client was to stand out,” says the tuner about this particular build, no argument there it certainly does that. And the Centurion 007 is certainly not a case of all show no go,  as the 1.75-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine now features 337 PS (332 horsepower) and 456 Nm (343 pound-feet) of torque, ensuring if you do ever see this special customer ordered 4c go by it won’t be for long…


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