New “Baby” Alfa SUV to Replace Mito

Alfa Romeo have confirmed that the Alfa Romeo Mito will be removed from the market early next year as the company plans to make a new era of sports cars and SUVs.

In June, parent company of Alfa Romeo (FCA) revealed a five year plan for the brand. A plan that didn’t include their small 3 door hatchback, the Mito. Roberta Zerbi (Alfa Romeo Europe Boss) stated that “Mito is a three-door and people are choosing more and more five-door cars.” This will mean that 2 Italian small cars have now been pulled from the market after the Fiat Punto was axed.

Zerbi hopes that buyers of the Mito will now buy the current Guilia or the upcoming “baby” SUV.  She thinks that the new car can appeal to a new, younger audience (30-40 years old.) This car should fill the gap between the Giulietta and the Stelvio. However, we are assured that it will not look like a mini Stelvio. It is also unclear what platform the SUV will use; whether it will use the Giorgio platform (as used by the Guilia and the Stelvio) or the C-Wide platform (as used by the Jeep Compass.) We should expect the new car in the next two years.


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