Top 10 Carabinieri Cars

In Italy, the Carabinieri is a military police force that carry out Policing duties under the Ministry of Defence. Imagine the Polizia; just with cooler cars and guns. Here is our top 10 of cars used by the Carabinieri (in no particular order.)

10: Alfa Romeo Guilia QV

For the second month running, the Alfa features in our list. Last time in our Top Ten Italian Turbos. This car is an obvious choice for the Carabinieri seen as it is fast but also spacious meaning that police equipment will be easy to carry.

9: Lamborghini Huracan

This is not a Carabinieri car. However the state police use it so I’m going to include it. In Britain we have mostly Vauxhall Astras and BMW 5 Series Tourings as police cars. These are everyday cars that you see on the road most days. However neither are particuarly quick. The Italians however as well as having a fleet of Fiat Puntos, have these. Not many criminals will be able to escape a Huracan so I guess it’s money well spent.

8: Fiat 500

The Fiat 500. A cute little city car usually used for people to get from A to B. The perfect city car. However the Carabinieri didn’t see it as just a cute city car. The picture explains it all really.

7: Fiat Grande punto

Even the Carabinieri needs sensible a sensible car in its ranks. Enter the Fiat Grande Punto. A fairly uninteresting but solid supermini that gets the job done. Perfect for the no-nonsense approach of the carabinieri/

6: Fiat Stilo

Another no nonsense Italian supermini. However this makes the list as it was my first ever experience of the Fiat brand. My Aunty had one for a couple of years meaning the the Stilo will always hold a special place in my heart despite not being as interesting as a Ferrari or a Pagani.

5: Lotus Evora S

Ok, I know this is an Itallian car website but bear with me. The Lotud Evora is used by the Carabinieri as a rapid response unit. Probably not as effective as the Lamborghi Huracan. However still a fast car that can catch most getaway cars.

4: Alfa Romeo Guilia (1962-1978)

The old Guilia makes the list along with the original Fiat 500 earlier of the sort of car the Carabinieri used to drive. This is a very good looking saloon which served it’s purpose for the force in the same way the current Gulia would.

3: Alfa Romeo Giulietta

They do seem to like choosing good looking cars don’t they? The Alfa Giulietta  can easily take equipment and serve its purpose in the force; but it does it whlst looking good too.

2: Mercedes Unimog

Sorry, this one isn’t Itallian either. However my inner 5 year old made me put this on the list. The Unimog is one of the biggest cars there is. That is if it’s even classed as a car.

1: Alfa Romeo 159

Another Alfa saloon makes the list. I used to walk past one of these on my way to school every morning. Every time I looked twice at it. In my eyes this is a fantastic looking car and syle wise it was a fantastic choice by the Carabinieri.

Thank you for reading my top 10 Carabinieri Cars. Did I miss any that would be in your top 10? Let me know in the comments. Also let me know if there are any top 10s that you would like to see in the future.


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