Lamborghini takes on Fighter Jet

Take one of the fastest Supercars in the world, one of the worlds fastest fighter jet and put them in a drag race, well why not. According to reports, the Indian Navy granted permission for the race in a bid to attract the youth to the force, especially the aviation wing. The Times of India reported that the shoot was conducted for a magazine.

The video was shot at the Dabolim Airport in Goa, a military controlled airport, that is used for civilian flights as well, the MiG-29K is a Russian made 4++ generation fighter jet, whilst the Huracan is one of the latest supercars from the Lamborghini.

We see the Huracan Performante and the Indian Navy’s MiG 29 jet fighter racing against each other. the fighter jet, which reportedly belongs to the Black Panther squadron of the Indian Navy, is seen in a neck-to-neck race against the Lamborghini on the runway. It comes as no surprise what the outcome is, after all the fighter jet has a cruising speed of 1,500 km per hour…

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