Lamborghini opens new showroom in South Africa

Lamborghini has opened a new showroom and service facility in Cape Town, South Africa and unveiled the new Super SUV Urus for the first time in the country.
Lamborghini Cape Town is the first of twelve dealers in the Middle East and Africa region to adopt Lamborghini’s new corporate identity. Recognising South Africa as a potential growth market, with enough demand for premium performance vehicles, the brand’s local distribution has been reoriented. It is now the responsibility of LSM Distributors, which has proven its performance car acumen by building the Porsche brand locally. Lamborghini joins Bentley within the LSM offering, which has traditionally only been Porsche.

Domenicali expects volume to double within a year of the new agreement, assisted by a Century City dealership in Cape Town and specifically, the Urus SUV – which is due to reach its first Mzansi customers by fourth quarter of 2018. Doubling sales would see a movement from 30 to 60 units per year and although that might appear a lofty goal for a company which has traditionally been a low volume manufacturer, Lamborghini’s invested massively to boost production at its facility in northern Italy.

Along with Stefano Domenicali, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Automobili Lamborghini, senior management from Lamborghini headquarters, guests and customers attended the event.

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