Is a new Ferrari Targa Top on the way

Not since the Ferrari 355 GTS has Ferrari produced a mass market Targa Top model as we know it. more recently the Italian carmaker has offered a hard top or spider version of it’s V8 models. Now however it could be that we will soon see the return of a Ferrari Targa, as it has emerged they have filed a patent for a new targa top design with the European Patent Office.

Curiously the pictures show a Ferrari F430 suggesting the design has been around for a while, in fact despite no targa top model in almost 20 years, Ferrari has produced some other limited edition cars with a removable hardtop in that time. The front-engine V12 575 Superamerica had a removable hardtop roof, as did the very exclsuvie LaFerrari Aperta. The even more exclusive Ferrari J50 is a mid-engine V8 Ferrari with a removable hardtop carbon fiber targa roof, but just 10 units were built and all of them were sold in Japan.

Attributed to Matteo Biancalana, technical director of aerodynamics at Ferrari and a gentleman called Giuseppe Cuzzillo, the patent isn’t indicative of the finished product because after all Ferrari would not want us to know what it’s future model will look like just yet. It is expected that if such a car joined the Maranello model line up it will be as part of the 488 replacement, itself due in around 18-20 months time. The added advantage of a targa of course is weight saving, a targa top is lighter than the electrical set up a Spider allows meaning in theory less weight more performance.


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