Festival Italia – Brands Hatch – 2018

Sunday was this years Festival Italia, with the event being held annually. For those who have never been it is mainly a festival of Italian cars, with a few other attractions happening at the same time. It is fairly unique in the scale of
the event, considering its focus on Italian cars.

So what does it involve? The first thing which strikes you on arrival is the number of display cars, both classic and contemporary, from various clubs and individuals. These cover the full spectrum of cars from Ferrari and Lamborghini super-cars to Fiat Pandas and Abarths. For many this is the main attraction, the chance to see and be seen with an Italian pride and joy.

The second thing you experience is the racing on the track, with various competition and exhibition events. These range from classic F1 cars, to the Alfa Romeo racing series and to two different Ferrari racing series. This is proper racing and not just a display event.

There are also many other things to experience, such as Italian lessons, wine tasting, live Italian music, Italian food, shopping, and some manufacturers displays of their current ranges of cars. For many the best part of the day is when they get to drive around the circuit in their own car, albeit as a procession rather than a race.

So is it worth going to? Well if you are displaying your own car then you do get in for free and just pay for any passengers. There are some very rare and wonderful cars on display, and the racing is very tight and entertaining. So
yes, if you are an Italian car enthusiast, then it has to be on your list of ‘must do’ events.

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