Ferrari Tease New Model

Make a date, put it in your diary as it looks like Ferrari is set to announce a new model. 17th September 2018, a little over a month away new CEO Louis Camilleri will reveal the car maker’s strategy for the next five years, Ferrari’s Capital Markets Day.

The event is listed on a special section of the company’s website reserved exclusively for owners and unfortunately we don’t have access to that so we will have to trying a bit of a guessing game. Going off the image released it suggests a car with a small windscreen, ‘Ferrari F176’, as it is codenamed, could be a new limited edition V12 model based on the 812 Superfast, maybe a 812 Monza.

Any further details are yet to emerge, so any talk of power upgrades, KERS systems and the like are purely speculative, but no doubt limited run or not a new V12 engine Ferrari will see more performance, keeping the latest prancing horse from the stables of Maranello ahead of the rest.

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