Could Lancia Have An Electric Future?

We have hailed a rebirth of Lancia for a very long time here at Enzari, and those familiar with my blog will know I have championed the comeback for the historic Turin brand in the form of electric.

Lancia is reduced to just one model in it’s line up, the Ypsilon, a car only on sale in its home country of Italy. Despite it being a fairly good seller in it’s home market, the practical and comfortable car is not really what such a glorious brand should be about. However it would seem plans have been afoot to bring Lancia back, returning it to somewhere it really should be, not simply sat on the sidelines.

At the end of 2017, in fact, a project was received to give an alternative function to Lancia: the production of sports cars with an electric motor. According to what reported important newspapers like Il Giornale and analysts like Equita SIM, in reality, the group has already received a proposal to relaunch Lancia.

With the advent of Michael Manley, FCA could very well have the opportunity to effectively change the destiny of Lancia, reinventing it in a new guise.

According to what has emerged, at the end of last year, Gianfranco Pizzuto, one of the founders of the hybrid sports car company Fisker Atomotive (now Karma), would have mentioned this initiative to FCA. The starting point was to be the re-edition of the Fulvia, in a luxury restyling that would have given new impetus to the sales of the brand. Specifically, the project envisaged a collaboration in which some German and Dutch investment funds would have entered liquid funds, which would have guaranteed an initial capital of 50 million euros. In return, the newco would have taken the license to use the brand.

For its part, FCA, namely Sergio Marchionne, after having read the conditions and the pros and cons, sent back the proposal. The group believed that risks would be excessive. A version partially shared by Equita SIM analysts, who found that the initiative would have had little impact on group numbers.

Now, however, it seem’s these plans could be dusted off, and this idea could be seriously considered by Manley. The new CEO must quickly resolve some questions (including the search for the new CEO of the EMEA area), and the implementation of this project could be a good compromise to relaunch the Lancia brand and give it greater importance.

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