Change is a good thing…

It’s always a nervous thing, you’re never sure what people will think. These where my thoughts towards the end of last week before we launched our new look website (Enzari 2.0 as it was nicknamed in the office). Having been launched 20 months ago, Enzari has got a good following, increasing week on week, as well as through our social media platforms. So when the decision was made to update the website we wanted something different to how it was but just as simple to navigate yet at the same time allowing us to add more content and new sections.

The problem is, people generally don’t like change, they are wary of it, it can become something no longer familiar. More than a few meetings later with far too much coffee drunk and various designs thrown away, we settled on something we hope not only existing Enzari readers like but new people finding us for the first time will enjoy too.

What of the new sections? The classifieds will be launching in the next 6-8 weeks, a slight delay out of our control. But we have also launched a Marketplace, this is a bit like a directory for businesses to advertise themselves to car enthusiasts for various sectors, we hope overtime this will prove a popular section for both businesses and readers.

We have actively increased the Motorsport we cover over the last 6 months, so now with a dedicated Motorsport section we can expand on this and look forward to not only featuring events but also cast the Spotlight on drivers.

So exciting times, we hope you like the new website and we look forward to bringing you even more Italian cars in the years ahead…

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