Barn Finds…Find Or Not…

Last weekend we ran an article on a Lamborghini Countach that had been left in a garage for over 20 years, seemingly forgotten about, alongside a Ferrari 308. Another example of what seems to be a weekly occurrence of a barn find.

But what exactly is a barn find? Is it really a car that was a project and the owner simply ran out of money to complete or is it actually a barn find, you buy a property and there hidden away in the garage under a load of junk and covers is a forgotten car?

I kind of know the answer to the question, to me it is the latter. If we talk about barn finds as project cars that didn’t;t gt completed or cars where money ran out to run them & they are just sat in the garage until someone in the family has enough pennies to get them back on the road, are they really a barn find? A few years ago I read about a Citroen being discovered in the loft of an old farmhouse in France which, god knows how, had been put there by it’s owners during the occupation of the Nazi’s in the second world war to prevent them getting there hands on it. Now that is a barn find!

I suppose a barn find is different things to different people, but me I know the next time I am house hunting the first thing I will be checking is the garage round the back…


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