Alfa Romeo MiTo bows out in 2019

We already knew it was coming, indeed in FCA’s recent five year plan unveiled only a few months ago it was confirmed the little Alfa Romeo MiTo would soon be no more, when it simply did not feature in the car makers forecasts. Now it has been confirmed that the model is to be phased out from early 2019.

It what seem’s a common practice with car makers now, a small 3 door hatchback such as the MiTo seems a little unfashionable, Alfa Romeo are not the only carmaker who will no longer offer a 3 door model, Seat, VW’s Spanish car company has also recently axed it’s 3 door models.

Alfa’s European boss Roberta Zerbi has confirmed that the MiTo will be taken off sale early 2019, speaking to Autocar, she suggested that the move wasn’t just to do with the car’s age. “Mito is a three-door and people are choosing more and more five-door cars,” she explained, adding that the brand’s incoming smaller SUV will fill the void for the younger market. “It can help fill the gap between the Giulietta and Stelvio. And people that bought a Mito in the last couple of years – people grow up, start having children,” she said.

Will the MiTo name return on a smaller SUV to the Stelvio when it arrives in the next few years, it is unlikely.

Are you an Alfa Romeo MiTo owner? Give us your thoughts on Alfa’s decision to kill off it’s small hatchback…


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