The Coolest Police Car Ever?

The Coolest Police Car Ever?

Words By: Christopher Parry


Back in the 1960’s it was very uncommon for law enforcement agencies to have a supercar in their fleet. But the following story sounds like something straight out of Hollywood, more specifically Magnum P.I or Miami Vice.


In the early 1960’s crime in Rome, Italy was kept to a minimum by Rome’s anti-organised crime unit known as the “Squadra Mobile”. The Italian President asked how he could reward the determined crime fighters of the “Squadra Mobile” and the answer that followed was “a Ferrrari”. The answer which was meant as a joke was taken seriously and the Italian President obliged. He got the “Squadra Mobile” not one but two Ferrari 250 GTE’s.


The Ferrari 250 GTE was Ferrari’s first four seat model and in 1963 it was replaced by the Ferrari 330 America. The Ferrari 250 GTE was powered by a 3.0 litre (2953 cc) V12 engine which produced 240hp and could achieve a top speed of 140 mph.


Unfortunately one of the two 250 GTE’s was destroyed during testing, while the other is currently in the care of Alberto Capelli, whose father started attending Government auctions after World War 2.


Supercars in police fleets were rare back then, now they are becoming regular crime fighters in wealthy countries like Dubai and even in parts of Europe and Asia. It must have been a real treat seeing a gorgeous 250 GTE serving and protecting.


This is one police car that can chase me anytime.

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