Racing Tactics Or Racing Incident

So Sunday’s British Grand Prix saw Sebastian Vettel win the race with teammate Kimi Raikkonen in third place, leaving Lewis Hamilton sandwiched between the two Scuderia drivers, and straight after the race we have Lewis shouting ‘foul play’. However 24hrs later on reflection Lewis has manned up and said it was a dumb comment to suggest Ferrari used tactics to take him off the track, putting the claim down to exhaustion.

Ok first of all lets say well done Ferrari in winning the race, this season it looks like the Italian outfit has finally got it’s act together after a up and down 2017 to mount a serious challenge against MercedesAMGF1. Secondly well done Lewis, ignore the spitting the dummy antics post race, but the way he came back, racing through the field despite not winning the race I think it is fair to say he won the driver of the day.

But what of the tactics accusation, whether his comments now are genuine or whether Lewis really does think Ferrari would employ tactics like that, the question is would a team try it? It is a huge risk, not just from the point of view that if it is obvious you risk losing points with the FIA deducting some if not all that you have earned that season off the board. You also have to take into account the safety issue, if a driver attempts to take a competitor off the track he also risks damaging not only his own car but himself and others included, a risky game.

Of course we have seen it in the past, Schumacher v Hill, Prost v Senna and so on but this day and age? With all the telemetry available, more cameras than ever watching, the technology to exam and re-exam everything, it would be stupid not a clever tactic. Well done to Kimi for admitting it was his fault but drivers should know, from years of racing at different levels that these things happen, it is a racing incident no more no less.

Hear Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen shows his annoyance at receiving a 10-second time penalty for causing a collision with Lewis Hamilton on the opening lap:



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