Lamborghini Huracan Goes Hyper

As Supercar makes decide their cars are not fast enough and the technology turns these millionaire motors into Hypercars, it is only natural that an aftermarket specialist should put it’s own spin on a hyper car. Step forward the 850hp Twin Turbo Lamborghini Huracan, yes 850h after all the Huracan’s standard heart only beats out 610hp and that clearly won’t do.

The twin turbo tuning has been performed by TR3 Performance and now the raging bull has even more power and torque according to ADV.1 Wheels. There’s also a A liquid intercooler at the front, so you can forget about bringing any luggage with you, taht beloved space for your leather matching cases has disappeared.

That missing rear bumper isn’t just for affect (although we admit it looks pretty awesome), it is all part of the tuning on this Lamborghini, which just happens to show off that twin turbo conversion.

Ensuring this Huracan looks the part as well is a of aftermarket wheels provided by ADV.1. The name of this set is ADV5.2 M.V2 CS. It is a two-piece concave forged rims which has dimensions of 9×20 inch at the front and 12.5×21 inch at the rear. There is also an optional brushed aluminum with gloss clear finish.

No figures have been released yet on what this Hyper Lambo will do but we kind of think when the bull is released youre going to hear it a long time before you see it!…



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