Lamborghini Aventador SVJ on the Way?

Lamborghini Aventador SVJ on the Way?

Laborghini have relased 4 videos of the new Lamborghini Aventador SVJ on their YouTube channel over the past 5 days.

In the first video, Lamborghini showcase the new SVJ on the world famous Nurburgring. The only bit of information I was able to pick up about the car was that it was running Pirelli  P Zero Troffeo R tyres. However, they might not be fitted once the car gets to production stage. Whilst the tyre is road legal, Pirelli do no reccomend driving in wet conditions with the tyre. As all the other videos were set at “The Green Hell” this could suggest they have broken the lap record (again.)

The second video claims that the Aventador SVJ will have the “best weigh to power ratio.” This is a bold claim as the SVJ will have to out do the Koenigsegg One:1’s incredible figure of 1 BHP per Kilogram (1,000 BHP per Tonne.) If the SVJ can beat this figure, it won’t be suprising if the Nurburgring lap record is broken.

The third video statesthe Aventator SVJ will have the “best handling.” We won’t be able to prove this until the car is actually released however. This statement is also a matter of opinion. Some may think that the standard Aventador S handles better than the SVJ. Just because it is faster doesn’t mean it will drive better. However modern supercars usually all drive well so I expect Lamborghini’s claim to be right.

The final video says that the SVJ will have the best Aerodynamic performance. This one will be interesting to see as they have intergrated a new system into the car called ALA (Aerodinamica Lamborghini Attiva) That will adapt to driving style and the road type to get the best efficiency.

I personally can’t wait for the SVJ. It’s the last ever Aventador before the replacement car will come out in the next few years that will drop the naturly asperated V12 for a more eco friendly alternative. This car will be fantastic but will also mark the end of an era.

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