Feeling connected

So this time last week I was in France, no big deal in that you cry, it’s only across the channel and that is true but whilst it was a weeks holiday, across to Disney to see my daughter dance in a show, it gave me opportunity to reconnect.

Reconnect might be the wrong word as I have never unconnected myself, what am I going on about? My car, my Alfa Romeo. To put it bluntly spending more than a few hours behind the wheel made me appreciate it all over again. It might only be the 5 door Giulietta not the V6 Giulia Quadrifoglio but that doesn’t matter.

Whilst making the 5 hour drive from ‘Up North down to Dover on her majesty’s highway it did not bother me that there was the occasional delay as lanes closed, diversions came up, Skoda’s sat doing 65mph in the middle lane (other car makes are available). I was enjoying just sat driving, recently every time I have jumped in the Alfa it has been a quick journey from A-B with the everyday chaos of work, dads taxi etc.

Now with a bit more time I found myself looking at that Alfa Romeo badge on the steering wheel thinking how good it was to drive an Alfa, stopping at the services I cast a glance back and small smile to myself as I looked around the car park and thought ‘damn it really is a good looking car’.

Across in France, driving on the wrong side not an issue, can’t say I really noticed it having driven across the continent many times before, switching road sides is a long forgotten worry but what did strike me was the waves from French people driving Italian cars. Let me put this into perspective, the French usually drive French cars, it doesn’t matter how bad Citroen’s/Peugeot’s etc are or have been in the past, respect to the French they almost always buy their own. But occasionally you will see a French driver in something else, some Fiat’s, the occasional Alfa and dare I say it the odd Maserati.

At first I thought they must be waving at the driver behind but the more his happened the more I realised it was French drivers in Italian cars, as if to confirm the case parking up in our hotel on the first night, a youngster climbing out of his Grande Punto declared my Alfa a beautiful car. It is hard to imagine getting a response from driving other cars unless you where in the Supercar elite.

So yes thanks my holiday was good, my daughters show went well but the Alfa, well it was good being connected…


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