BBQ Weather – Roll Out The Alfa

So what do you do with your car when it’s no longer road worthy, strip for parts, scrap it or turn it into a BBQ? Yes that’s right, when Aaron Pisani’s friend told him he had an unregistered Alfa Romeo that was only good for the scrapyard, Aaron told him to hold up, because he had an idea that was going to change Maltese summers forever.

“In ten minutes I had cut the Alfa Romeo in half. I grabbed a chaser, chopped it in half, and soon enough I had converted the car into a BBQ,” beamed Aaron. “I had to remove everything from the front part of the car because of the heat, as well as sandblast it and repaint it with heat-resistant paint. I’ve now fixed it so I can pull it behind me with my car to take it where I want and able to pass through passages, and I’ve even made it electric,” Aaron said.

The Alfa Camper will have a working water and gas system, as well as be decked out with solar panels on the roof, and the Alfa DJ Deck will be 2019’s ultimate rave accessory.

Until then though, Aaron’s friends and family are more than happy to let him show off his Alfa Romeo collection – he has 12 of them – and cook them up a nice steak on a summer evening, right out of his bright-red flashing bonnet.

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*Excerpts courtesy LoveMalta (Press Release)

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