Abarth 124 Enjoys More Success in the Harghita Rally in Romania

The Abarth 124 rally is as fast and competitive as ever and is dominating the spectacular R-GT category this season. In the Harghita Rally, valid for the Rumanian Championship, young Florin Tincescu (ROM) and Alina Pop (ROM) at the wheel of their Bernini Rally team Abarth 124, assertively predominated in the R-GT and the 2WD categories, scoring an excellent third place in the overall ranking. It is the third time this year that an Abarth 124 rally crew steps onto the overall ranking podium, following the two successes of Italian driver Andrea Nucita in the Slovenian Championship.

Tincescu’s performance in the tough Rumanian championship is on the rise and follows the fourth place in the overall ranking he took in the Transylvania Rally. The Abarth 124 crew started strong the Harghita Rally, in the same region of the country, and kept up the pace ending third.

“The speedy roads of this race enhanced the great road holding qualities of the Abarth 124 rally on faster bends”, said Tincescu. “Race after race, we are showing that this car is at the top of the R-GTs and the fastest two-wheel drive”.

Abarth Selenia Trophy in Mugello

The Abarth racing weekend continued on the track with the fourth round of the Abarth Selenia Trophy, this time in Mugello, where Finn Juuso Pajuranta and Italian Cosimo Barberini won at the wheel of their respective Abarth 695 Assetto Corse Evoluzione. Three drivers are in contention of the title at this point of the championship with young Italian Andrea Mabellini, who was on the podium for both races, joining today’s two winners.

It was a hot weekend and not only for the weather. The three drivers fired up the competition scoring times down to the wire already in the qualifiers, that ended with Barberini taking the pole position for a few hundredths of a second. Unfortunately for him, his start in Race1 was not one of the best and he was promptly overtaken by Pajuranta with Mabellini in tow. During the second to last lap Barberini made a mistake that cost him two places, handing over the win to Pajuranta with Mabellini a well-deserved second.

Barberini recovered from the blow winning Race2 and putting up an exciting fight with Pajuranta and Mabellini, who ended in that order.

Noteworthy results of the Abarth 500 Assetto Corse are the win of the women’s scoreboard leader Aurora Coria in Race1 and of Filippo Lazzaroni in Race2.



Standings Race1: 1. Juuso Pajuranta (FIN) 13 laps in 28’26″382; 2. Andrea Mabellini (ITA) at 2″298; 3. Cosimo Barberini (ITA) at 24″076; 4. Michele Monetti (ITA) at 59″101; 5. Biagio Caruso (ITA) at 1’44″998; 6. “Boga” (ITA) at 1’50″228; 7. Aurora Coria (ITA, Abarth 500 Assetto Corse) 1 lap late; 8. Robin Appelqvist (SWE) 2 laps late; 9. Andrea Nicoli (ITA) 3 laps late; 10. Filippo Lazzaroni (ITA, Abarth 500 Assetto Corse) 3 laps late. All other drivers in Abarth 695 Assetto Corse Evoluzione cars. Fastest lap: Cosimo Barberini in 2’09″816, average speed 145.252 km/h.


Standings Race2: 1. Cosimo Barberini (ITA) 13 laps in 28’29″220; 2. Juuso Pajuranta (FIN) at 0″597; 3. Andrea Mabellini (ITA) at 0″859; 4. Robin Appelqvist (SWE) at 8″513; 5. Michele Monetti (ITA) at 1’03″719; 6. Filippo Lazzaroni (ITA, Abarth 500 Assetto Corse) at 1’50″356; 7. Stefano Fiamingo (ITA) at 2’03″884; 8. Biagio Caruso (ITA) at 2’23″806; 8. Andrea Nicoli (ITA) at 1 lap; 9. Aurora Coria (ITA, Abarth 500 Assetto Corse) 1 lap behind. All other drivers in Abarth 695 Assetto Corse Evoluzione cars. Fastest lap: Andrea Mabellini 2’08″733, average speed 146.675 km/h.


Ranking: 1. Cosimo Barberini (ITA) 163 points, 2. Juuso Pajuranta (FIN) 135; 3. Andrea Mabellini (ITA) 126; 4. Robin Appelqvist (SWE) 89; 5. Gabriele Volpato (ITA) 57; 6. Stefano Fiamingo (ITA) 48; 7. Biagio Caruso (ITA) 40; 8. “Gioga” (ITA) 32; 8. Filippo Lazzaroni (ITA) 32; 10. Aurora Coria (ITA) 23; 11. Michele Monetti (ITA) 22; 12. “Boga” (ITA) 13.

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