New Alfa Romeo GTV Spearheads 5 Year Plan

Hold on to your seatbelts Alfa Romeo is picking up speed. In todays 5 year plan announcement from FCA, it has been revealed that the famous Italian marque is to expand it’s product range, compete in over 70% of premium industry, launch sports vehicles in every segment, including all-new compact and full-size utilities that stay true to Alfa DNA…Take a breath…

Much like Maserati, Alfa Romeo will launch a next generation of powertrains and electrification strategy with hybrids and plug-in hybrids. Hybrids will replace diesel, as the company aims to improve performance and reduce CO2.

Amongst the facts and figures presented by Tim Kuniskis today, one of the most exciting pieces of news is the return of the 8C, relaunch the new 8C sports car will feature a carbon fibre monocoque chassis, twin turbo mid-engine, electrified AWD system, combined more than 700hp, 0-62mph in less than 3 seconds.

Staying true to it’s heritage of racing, the not very secret details of Alfa’s new Coupe have also be announced, bringing back one the most iconic names in the marques history, the GTV with more than 600hp, AWD, 50/50 weight distribution, torque vectoring and stunning Italian design, this 4 seater Coupe will replace the current 4C.

Alfa Romeo plans 6 new products by end of 2022; with electrification of each model; Level 2 and 3 autonomy. As part of the Alfa Romeos growth, it plans to deliver 400,000 units and 10% margin by 2022. Expanding it’s product range, Alfa has set itself the goal of competing in over 70% of premium industry.

On the downside it is the end for the MiTo, the car no longer seen as being a part of Alfa’s future. However the carmaker will launch sports vehicles in every segment, including all-new compact and full-size utilities whilst staying true to Alfa DNA. Amongst these will be a long wheelbase Giulia, as Alfa goes head to head with BMW’s 5 series. A larger Stelvio is also planned, citing a 7 seater which firmly pushes it into Volvo territory with the XC90.

What of the Giulietta? Well it seem’s it will continue, despite earlier reports it would follow in the MiTo’s treadprints and be no more, a new, if not, reworked Giulietta will be with us within two years. The Giulietta could also see a Smaller SUV spin off as we get towards 2022.

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