Mafia’s Ferrari 458 Spider Now Police Car

If your in Milan, Italy anytime soon you might want to keep an eye out for this rather special Ferrari 458 Spider. In a prime example of crime doesn’t pay, the local constabulary have this ex mafia Supercar and rather than sending it to the local crusher are putting it to another use.

Confiscated through Italy’s anti-mafia laws, the Ferrari has been turned into a police car. The Supercar was white to start with, so green police livery added along with Police lights also added behind the cabin, which rides on modified buttresses. Lights were also added in the bonnet gap by the front headlights. Inside, modifications are even more minimal, with just a police radio and buttons for the lights and sirens added, saw this prancing horse go from bad guy to good guy, swapping which side of the law it decided to play on.

The Ferrari although not being used for high speed pursuits, chasing bad guys through the streets of Milan, it will be used at educational events, eventually the Ferrari will be auctioned off with proceeds going to victims of Mafia crimes, which sounds like a great cause. 

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