It’s all in the name…

On the back of the news that Alfa Romeo is bringing back the GTV name, it got me thinking what other name’s manufacturers should consider bringing back? I remember a few years ago a rendering of a modern Alfa Romeo Montreal was doing the rounds online, it certainly looked good but unfortunately nothing happened with it.

What names would be worthy of returning? Would a new Fiat Strada be more enticing than the Tipo? We know a new Fiat Giardiniera is on the cards according to recent announcements, a new 500 based estate type car. What about the other manufacturers, can we have an Abarth 205? The original was built between 1950-51 and only 3 produced but it was a good looking car.

A new Ferrari Dino? This is another car that has been doing the rounds in render form for a few years but is looking unlikely to happen. So if no Dino, how about a new Daytona, the original like many Ferrari’s, is still beautiful and a worthy iconic model from the prancing horse stable, so should we get a new version, would people like to see the name make a comeback instead of numbers for a model? Ferrari brought back the California name a few years until recently replaced by the Portofino so they are not against resurrecting names from a bygone era.

Then Maserati, the Alfieri is on it’s way, a car itself which uses design elements of the Maserati A6 GCS/54 designed by Pininfarina in 1954. But how about a new 3500GT, without doubt one of the most beautiful cars to come from the Italian carmaker, a new version carrying the famous badge to cruise across the continent would be very welcome.

Lamborghini could go for the Countach but somehow a new version of this Raging Bull doesn’t feel right, but what of the Miura? We have seen a concept version of this famous Supercar, could another return in the future?

Of course all of the above is unlikely to happen, and it is just my opinion, but some names carry a certain romance from the makers historic past and as such maybe deserve a modern interpretation…what would you choose?

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