Future Fiat’s Will Be Green

FCA is taking it’s green credentials seriously, planning to phase out diesel engines on all passenger vehicles sold in Europe by 2021 with a diesel alternative planned for light commercial vehicles only. Yes your next Fiat really will be Green.

In today’s announcements FCA confirmed they plan to invest €9 billion (2018-2022) to introduce a range of electrification solutions for FCA vehicles. FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne said “There is no single solution, no magic formula. We are confident about our know-how and the options we have available” as the brand moves forward with it’s greener future.

The Fiat 500 family will lead the way, with a full BEV of class-leading Fiat 500 models, joined by hybrid versions of the 500x and 500L, to create a fully electrified Fiat 500 family. Also to join the Fiat family will be a new Giardiniera, the original was a station wagon in the 60’s based on the 500.


By 2022, FCA will offer 12 electrified propulsion systems (BEV, PHEV, full-hybrid and two mild-hybrid) in global architectures spanning the full range of vehicle segments; 30 nameplates will feature one or more of these system, with 15-20% of FCA’s sales mix in the regions featuring heavy electrification – HEV, PHEV or BEV technology (EV decoder: BEV=battery electric vehicle; PHEV=plug-in hybrid electric vehicle; HEV=hybrid electric vehicle).


No mention has been given to the current Fiat Tipo, currently it would seem the future of this car is still under scrutiny, with Marchionne favouring small cars as the way forward for the Fiat brand, in it’s green future it may be the Tipo has no place, we shall see…






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