Alfa Romeo Rough Deal

Off the back of it’s recent success with the Giulia and Stelvio, more new exciting cars are on the way from Alfa Romeo but they could still struggle for another reason…

Mainly it’s dealers, or should I say lack of. Only last week I learnt that a dealer in the North was closing, it’s business being transferred to another dealer elsewhere. Here in lies Alfa Romeo’s big problem. As a prospective buyer of a new Alfa Romeo, I would have to travel almost 50 miles to find my nearest Alfa dealer, 50 miles! Within that range is countless BMW, Audi & Mercedes Benz dealers all vying for my hard earned cash. Is John Doe with his list of possible next cars going to travel that kind of distance to try out a Giulia? Of course those in the know would say he should, because it is a more exciting car than the 3 series or beige A4, but the reality is he won’t. He will saunter down to his local retail park with it’s Car dealers on and end up buying something else.

Alfa Romeo has had a dealer network shortage for many years, but with it’s latest products and those set to arrive in the next few years it really needs to address this issue very very quickly. It is simply not fair on the brand that it has a Rough Deal on the network front from FCA. No matter how good your product, if people are unable to access it then they won’t buy it, certainly not in the amounts Alfa wants to achieve to really take on it’s motoring counterparts…


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