‘Stone me’ it’s a Fiat 500

Seeing a car made out of a different material is not new, from wood to lego they can look particularly clever or be a complete disaster, however carving a car from marble is quite something else but that is exactly what a young Turin-based artist has spent the last months doing, sculpting a life-size Fiat 500 car out of a 15-tonne block of white Carrara marble.

Armed with his circular saw and a face mask to keep away the dust, Nazareno Biondo began work on the piece last year, slowly and meticulously hewing out of stone a copy of the iconic “Topolino,” the original small two-door rear-engined city car that still symbolizes, 60 years after its launch, Italy’s postwar economic boom.

“It’s my biggest work so far,” the thirty-something sculptor told AFP in his atelier on the outskirts of Turin, a city which is also home to the famous car brand.

Biondo, who graduated from Turin’s Albertina Academy of Fine Arts, specialises in working with marble, and has already carved gold ingots, bundles of dollars and even a Vespa motor scooter out of the white stone.

But far from being a symbol of the “Dolce vita,” his “Cinquecento” will be an evocation “of a bygone era, where the future of my generation could still be decided,” he said.

Once it is completed, probably in a few months, the work will look like a car ready for the scrap yard, “because my pieces are a reflection of consumerism, of the waste of contemporary society,” he said.

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