Monaco GP Had It’s Day…

It’s time to go, we are sorry Monaco, you provide the glitz and glamour, you are without a doubt a wonderful place but for holding a Grand Prix, in the world of high performance racing, you are past it…

Last Sunday’s Formula1 race was further evidence that on a track where over taking is almost impossible, you could simply be watching a procession. In a race that saw few talking points and even fewer over taking moves, even the most die hard Formula 1 fan would have struggled to stay awake, no doubt the winning team, Red Bull, saw it’s drinks sales rise considerably as viewers battled against the Zzzz’s!

We love Monaco, for it’s setting, the way it embraces not just Formula 1 but Motorsport on a whole and of course it’s illustrious history. But racing is about winning, taking chances, battling the other driver and on the streets of Monaco this can no longer be done, certainly not in the modern world of F1. What should be an amazing spectacle is now reduced to watching the cars simply follow each other in a parade style around the circuit. Not only are the viewers robbed of any real racing but the frustration for the driver’s must be huge, the amount of continued concentration needed to stay on track and not put it into the wall is massive, and for what? Knowing that the chances of finishing any further up the grid that where you started is almost impossible, pending any incidents in which a safety car has to come out. It just is not what these guys have worked hard their whole careers to do.

Maybe Monaco should be kept for historic racing events, enabling it to keep it’s place on the Motorsport calendar in some way, still attracting racing fans who will want to flock to the streets. But not for motorsport in the modern era, for that Monaco has had it’s day…

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