Lift Off For Alfa Romeo Museum

This is an uplifting story of a classic building housing valuable cars and how to move them safely…

Yes it’s a little bit different, but as it includes Alfa Romeos it kind of grabbed our attention. If any of you have visited the Alfa Romeo museum in Turin, Italy you will find these historic cars both upstairs and downstairs. Recently the museum had a new lift installed by Parkpiú. The lift is used to move cars that might go from storage to exhibition halls. The museum had recently undergone renovations, which required the lift structure to adapt to the current architecture of the building without losing the aesthetical and functional benefits.

The car lift is 21 metres high as is outside the building where it is exposed to rain, wind and inclement weather. The durable material and overall construction are made to withstand these conditions making Parkpiú’s lift ideal for the Alfa Romeo Museum.

Because the museum has cars with a net value in the millions, it was imperative that the lift be reliable and safe for movement. Parkpiú’s twenty years of experience in lifts for specialty parking solutions are evident in this project. The company has the know-how for all aspects of the project including mechanical design, electrical design, and automation, software and installation with trusted partners who collaborate with technical drawings, wiring diagrams,  switchboards, carpentry, and software writing.

Paolo Sangalli, Chief Engineer for Parkpiú, said the following about the project, “It was a big challenge to meet the high standard requirements, but finally, the customized car lift has satisfied everybody.”

Alfa Romeo Museum, Arese, Italy

*excerts courtesy parkingnet

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