Lancia Delta HF integrale Is Back!

Remember Lancia’s heyday, when the Delta Integrale ripped up everything in front of it, dirt, tarmac and the competition, well it’s coming back…kind of.

Following the example set out by Singer Vehicle Design, the California-based restorer that takes old Porsche 911s and brings them into a modern world, Automobili Amos is the name of the company that plans to build a reinterpretation of the classic rally icon, the Lancia Delta HF Integrale. Founded by racing driver Eugene Amos, the small Italian company will draw inspiration from Singer in order to offer the best Delta Integrale in the world.

Released this week, the renders of his upcoming Restomod project, focuses on the legendary Lancia Delta HF Integrale Evoluzione. Amos wrote on his company’s Instagram page that the hand-built model wasn’t ready in time for the recent 2018 Villa d’Este Concours d’Elegance, which is why the entrepreneur decided to publish a photo of the first example of the breed and a couple of renderings of the finished vehicle.

“Thanks to all who have followed us so far, we won’t disappoint you,” he concluded, and by the looks of the work-in-progress prototype, the real deal will be ready to debut in the coming months. As you would expect from such a project, “more than 1,000 components” are new or changed, including the hand-beaten aluminum of the bodywork and carbon-fibre front fascia.

Similarly, the powertrain and suspension will be overhauled and the finished car will offer a different driving experience thanks to the new suspension geometry. Eugene Amos confessed in an interview with Classic Driver a few months ago that he wants his creation to be able to oversteer.

According to reports, this restomod will have a more powerful 330 horsepower engine. That’s way more than the original Evoluzione’s 210 horsepower, and it will still have all-wheel drive. As far as the design, Automobili Amos evidently looks to make subtle changes, but keep the overall shape the same. The biggest change, it appears, is the lack of rear doors on the restomod version.

The company will use standard Delta Integrale 16v models as donor cars, instead of the rarer Evoluziones as Eugene admits those are too valuable to be subjected to this conversion. Talking of value, this restomod Lancia Delta Integrale won’t come cheap, quite how much Eugene hasn’t confirmed but as is often the case, if you have to ask then you probably can’t afford it.

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