Lamborghini Super Trofeo: Winning At Silverstone

Race 1: Basz-Postiglione Win Race 1 At Silverstone

At Silverstone, Vito Postiglione and Karol Basz have scored the second consecutive win of the season in the Lamborghini Super Trofeo Europe. The second of the six double rounds of the season has delivered the victory to the crew of the Imperiale Racing team, who prevailed in Race 1, thus achieving the same winning result scored at Monza last April and regaining the lead of the PRO standings, with the same points as Giacomo Altoè. For Postiglione, twice first last year on the same track, this has also been his fourth victory in England since 2016. In the PRO-AM, the duo of Antonelli Motorsport, formed by Juan Perez and Loris Spinelli, also scored their second victory in a row. In the AM category, Andrej Lewandowski and the “new entry” August MacBeth (VS Racing) took their first win of the season, while in the Lamborghini Cup the victory went to Joseph Collado with the car of AGS Events.

Spinelli was the protagonist of the race in the early stages. He took an amazing pole position in the first qualifying session when, with his new Huracán Super Trofeo Evo, he set a record time of 1’58″811, more than three seconds quicker than last year’s best result, set by Postiglione. The driver of Antonelli Motorsport then took the lead followed by Patrick Kujala (Bonaldi Motorsport) and his teammate Giacomo Altoè (respectively first and second in the PRO) and took a slight advantage over the rest of the group, thus remaining ahead until the pit stops.

Altoè was the first to make a pit stop and left the wheel to Daniel Zampieri, who returned to the track in third position behind Basz. The young Pole took over from Postiglione (constantly fourth during his first “stint”) and  then managed the race skillfully, thus taking the victory. Behind him finished Zampieri, who drastically reduced his “gap” to just over a second and a half on the last laps. Then, Frederik Blomstedt, who had taken over the wheel from Kujala, overtook Perez and finished third overall.

The Colombian crossed the finish line fourth, thus confirming his leading position in the PRO-AM standings. Lorenzo Bontempelli and Emanuele Zonzini took their first podium in the same class thanks to a second-place finish with one of the two cars of Iron Lynx Motorsport Lab. The third place went to Philipp Wlazik and Takashi Kasai (VS Racing), while Francesca Linossi and Stefano Colombo were deprived of the chance to fight for the top positions, because they received a drive-thru penalty for exceeding the speed limit in the pit lane.

In the AM, August MacBeth took his first win on his debut and shared the cockpit of another Huracán Super Trofeo Evo of VS Racing with the defending champion Andrej Lewandowski. Manuel Lauck and Florian Scholze (Dörr Motorsport) also did an excellent race, they remained in the lead for a long time and finished second in the same class as Miro Konopka (ARC Bratislava), who arrived third.

In the Lamborghini Cup, the Frenchman Collado demonstrated, on this occasion, that he is one step ahead of everyone. The podium was completed by the two Dutchmen of Van der Horst Motorsport, William Van Deyzen and Gerard Van der Horst.


Vito Postiglione/Imperiale Racing (1st overall and PRO): “I managed to keep my position at the start. I tried to keep up with the leaders and managed to do so. I then opted to anticipate the pit stop. A choice that in the end paid off, with Basz coming back ahead and then remaining in the lead until the end, despite the many lapped drivers”.

Loris Spinelli/Antonelli Motorsport (1st PRO-AM): “Our weekend started with a very fast pace”. First came the pole, then this class victory , to which my teammate also contributed a lot in the second “stint”. Our car was simply perfect”.

Andrej Lewandowski/VS Racing (1st  AM): “Despite a difficult start of the weekend, characterized by a number of unexpected events, we managed to score this important result for the standings. I’m extremely satisfied”.

Joseph Collado/AGS Events (1st  Lamborghini Cup): “This is my first win in the Lamborghini Super Trofeo Europe. After competing in some races in the past, I decided to participate in my first full season and would say this was a good start”.

Race 2: Altoè and Zampieri Score A Sprint Victory At Silverstone

Giacomo Altoè, age 17 and new member of the Young Drivers Program of Lamborghini Squadra Corse, has taken his second victory and the first of the season conquered together with Daniel Zampieri. This was the verdict of Race 2 at Silverstone, which hosted the second round of the Lamborghini Super Trofeo Europe. Thanks to this success, Altoé confirmed his leading position in the PRO standings with the Antonelli Motorsport team, which also celebrated the third consecutive victory of the duo formed by Juan Perez and Loris Spinelli, who are now at the top of the PRO-AM ranking. In the AM, Andrej Lewandowski and his new co-driver August MacBeth repeated the success obtained in Race 1 on Saturday and the Poleman of VS Racing managed to confirm his leading position in the AM standings. The 2017 champion, Gerard Van der Horst, scored his first victory of the season and is now leading the standings in the Lamborghini Cup.
While Dennis Lind (Target Racing) took the lead at the start, he was then penalized with a drive-through for anticipating the start, after he had overtaken both the poleman Edoardo Liberati (VS Racing) and Axcil Jefferies, who had taken the second position with the car of Konrad Motorsport. The final laps, however, proved to be decisive. Gerhard Tweraser, who had taken over the wheel from Jefferies, took the lead after the pit stops. After getting into Liberati’s car, Hans-Peter Koller began to lose positions, while Altoé, thanks to the excellent first “stint” done by his co-driver Zampieri, entered the track in third position and then moved up second.
A bit over two minutes before the end of the time, the young Italian overtook Tweraser, then he managed the traffic generated by the lapped drivers and did a sprint finish ahead of the Austrian. James Pull and Kelvin Snoeks (Bonaldi Motorsport) did another excellent race and after the two second places taken at Monza, they returned to the podium. Karol Basz and Vito Postiglione scored a fourth-place finish and important points, after taking their second win with Imperiale Racing in Race 1 on Saturday.
The race had an exciting finish also in the PRO-AM, in which Loris Spinelli, who had taken over the wheel from Perez, did an amazing recovery and managed to finish fifth, after overtaking Koller in the final laps. The latter driver, instead, concluded second in the same class together with Liberati. Francesca Linossi and Stefano Colombo also took to the podium, after racing with one of the two cars of Iron Lynx Motorsport Lab.
In the AM, the conduct of Lewandowski and MacBeth was linear and the American managed to keep Raffaele Giannoni at a distance in the final laps. The driver of Automobile Tricolore also returned to the podium after the two wins scored on his home track one month ago. The third place went to the German crew of Dörr Motorsport formed by Manuel Lauck and Florian Scholze.
Four races and four different winners in the Lamborghini Cup: if at Monza the victory went to Supachai Weeraborwornpong (Team Lazarus) and William Van Deyzen (Van der Horst Motorsport), in England the wins were shared by Joseph Collado (AGS Events) and Gerard Van der Horst, who finished ahead of Collado and his teammate Van Deyzen in Race 2.
Now, we will have to wait a bit over one month, when the Lamborghini Super Trofeo Europe will return to Italy for the third round that will take place at Misano on the weekend of June 23-24.
Giacomo Altoè/Antonelli Motorsport (1st overall and PRO): “I’d like to thank my teammate Zampieri, who helped me a lot throughout the weekend to get the most out of such a difficult track as the Silverstone one, which I’d never seen before. Race 2 was fantastic; on the penultimate lap I managed to take advantage of a small mistake made by Tweraser and took the lead. I think it was a well-deserved victory”.
Juan Perez/Antonelli Motorsport (1st PRO-AM): “This weekend was fantastic and difficult at the same time. It was also my first time here at Silverstone and the level of our class is very high. We all did a great job and in the end, this was an extraordinary result for us and for the team”.
August MacBeth/VS Racing (1st AM): “I’m really happy. Debuting with two victories was extraordinary. I wish to thank the whole team and my teammate Lewandowski”.
Gerard Van der Horst/Van der Horst Motorsport (1st Lamborghini Cup): ” I think this was the best race I’ve competed in in the last two years, even though it was really tough also because of the heat, with Collado getting very close in the last corners”.

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