FCA Friday Presentation: We Won’t Hold Our Breath

As Fiat Chrysler Automobiles CEO Sergio Marchionne prepares to deliver his final business strategy presentation this Friday, analysts and shareholders are waiting to see what the automaker’s plans might be. Despite the rumour’s that Fiat is to pull out of the U.S and China as a brand, FCA to focus on Jeep and more Prestigious brands, SUV’s are the future and so and so on.

The truth is, don’t hold your breath. Although some rumours are pretty much on the money, with the imminent demise of the Alfa Romeo MiTo and Fiat Punto, other’s regarding a seven seater Alfa Romeo SUV, that more than half of the automaker’s fleet will incorporate some type of electrified powertrain by 2022. That Maserati will lead the electric charge with plans to hybridize each of its new vehicles set to arrive after 2019. FCA does not have the best 5 year plan track record.

If indeed all had gone to plan, then by now we would have around eight different Alfa Romeo model’s and the stunning Maserati Alfieri would be with us, amongst others. However due to various delays, indecisions and slow to join electric avenue FCA finds itself at a bit of a crossroads.

The carmakers does indeed need to go electric very quickly, it is already way behind other brands, and it seems any talk of a merger with another car company is just not happening. As for Alfa Romeo and Maserati, possibly the most interesting rumour is that we could see a collaboration of these two famous brands, much like Land Rover and Jaguar. This could work quite well, in fact it could lay solid foundations for the two marque’s to be spun off much like Ferrari was at some stage in the future.

So we shall see what CEO Sergio Marchionne tell’s us this Friday when he will outline Fiat Chrysler’s business strategy from now through 2022, in what will be his last, yes we will listen with interest but we won’t be holding our breath just yet…

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