Drop The Top!

Recently in the last few week’s we have been driving round in a Fiat 124 Spider, a press car loaned to us by FCA – read our review: https://enzari.com/news/fiat-124-spider-puts-the-fun-back-into-driving/

Beside’s the car being all that you want from a roadster, one thing struck me, that pending rain or sleet, the pleasure of driving a drop top is not as governed by the weather as I thought it would be. Yes while we had the car we were blessed with fine weather, particularly over the bank holiday weekend but at other times it was overcast, the sun clearly gone back to bed for a time but still I took the top down on the little Fiat and enjoyed the drive. All well and good you say, well yes but now I am confused and baffled…

The last few days the Sun has again been making an appearance, not hot enough to cook an egg on the bonnet but nice all the same. Now when I am driving round in a ‘hardtop’ again I am amazed by the amount of driver’s I see who have paid a premium for a drop top, whether it is a roadster or 4 seater convertible and are driving with the roof up?! I am at a loss, why would you do this? Your car in the main, has been designed to be a drop top, they look good, drive good, the roof fits snugly away creating a nice flowing design to the car and yet…and yet I see people on a sunny day in their little Japanese roadster or German box driving with the roof up? What is the point, why didn’t you just buy a normal car, or an SUV if your afraid the wind might blow you away!

If you don’t want Joe Bloggs to see inside you’re car when sat at the lights with the roof down, or you are afraid it might get too cold while doing the daily jaunt round town, buy something else. You are completely missing the point of a drop top, depriving yourself of the driving experience you often do not get inside a normal car.

In my review of the Fiat 124 Spider I said the little roadster put the fun back into driving, and that is true but it seem’s to me those I see driving with the roof up are exactly missing the point, that driving can be fun…

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