Are SUV’s the answer?

A few days ago it was reported in the press, Enzari included – https://enzari.com/news/fiat-shifts-from-italy/, that FCA plans to move production of it’s small Fiat cars across to Poland, whilst killing off the Punto and Alfa Romeo MiTo, citing that the future for the group is SUV’s and Electric Hybrid power, these are the two things where FCA see’s it’s future.

Electric hybrid power I get, how we power a car is changing, environmental issues blah blah but pinning hopes on SUV’s, I’m not so sure. Don’t get me wrong, I see the attraction, plenty room for the family, good ride height for visibility, able to deal with pot holed roads and so on but at the expense of what? As consumers we like choice, we want to walk into a showroom, either physically or virtually, and see an array of different types of things on offer. We don’t go into a clothes shop and see only two styles of coat and thats it.

I love small cars, for me the Panda and 500 are exactly what small cars should be, easy to drive, park and fun. But what if you want something a bit bigger, room for a couple of passengers and your small dog, or new piece of furniture on your trip back from the local Swedish furniture store (other furniture stores are available!). Yes Fiat does the Tipo, but if FCA’s projected plans are true, it is also only a short term thing before it drives off into the sunset. With the MiTo gone, the Giulietta will be Alfa’s smallest car, but it is also under review, plus FCA wants to place the marque firmly against the likes of BMW and Mercedes like it has with the Giulia, so the next gen-Giulietta might not be in everyone’s price range.

SUV’s have their place it seem’s in todays modern driving world yes but not at the expense of a diverse product range. There is a simple answer to this but Sergio Marchionne would never go for something so bold, unlikely his successor either. Currently still under the FCA ‘umbrella’ is an Italian brand no longer sold outside of it’s home country, a brand that should be given new life, a brand that could fill the gap between small Fiat’s and more executive Alfa Romeo’s, a brand with history, passion…Lancia

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