Pogea Racing – Present the FPlus Corsa at the Monaco Top Marques 2018

World premiere of the POGEA RACING – FPlus CORSA at the Monaco Top Marques 2018 – POGEA RACING is adding passion and expertise to the Ferrari 488

No matter whether it’s an Abarth, an Alfa Romeo, or a Ferrari – the first supersports car to come from the company  – Pogea Racing projects all have one thing in common: an absolute dedication to design and perfect production quality with no compromises. The tuning specialist from Friedrichshafen am Bodensee impresses with both stylish aesthetics and technical innovations. From a body optimized for weight and aerodynamics to striking aluminum rims and a fine-tuned drive unit, POGEA RACING shines with a Ferrari 488 GTB refined in every respect. The vehicle was presented to the international public for the first time in Monaco at the Top Marques car show.

Extensive body modifications turned the rounded series production design into a well-trained athlete. POGEA trusted the artistic expertise of Italian designer Michele Leonello for the project. He succeeded in achieving an unmatched look with characteristic Italian lightness in both the vehicle’s shape and visible carbon design elements. Even the series production of the 488 Ferrari used ultra-lightweight and high-strength carbon for its passenger compartment. POGEA RACING continued this choice by making carbon the main component of all its body components in the FPlus CORSA: Front apron, rear apron, active diffusor, side wings, as well as side sills and rear wings were made of pre-preg pure carbon fiber with a perfect surface quality, then installed to mesh seamlessly with the vehicle. And as if that weren’t enough: Thanks to a consistent lightweight construction principle from mirror housings to the ventilation system and the deck lid spoiler, POGEA was able to reduce the series production weight by an impressive total 48 kilograms.

The Friedrichshafen firm subjected the drive unit to a fine tuning, showing the same meticulous care it paid to the vehicle’s aerodynamics. This resulted in optimized engine management, and a modified intake system combined with a powerful sounding stainless steel flap exhaust system significantly improved both engine performance and sprinting power. Now, with 820PS / 603kW and 900Nm the V8 biturbo aggregate in the FPlus CORSA can accelerate to 100 km/h in a breathtaking 2.8 seconds (series: 3o0S). The vehicle’s top speed was also increased to 345 km/h (electronically limited) thanks to Pogea’s work – the series model succumbs to air resistance at just 330 km/h.

A specialized wheel and tire combination was needed to achieve these performance values. POGEA mounted Pilot Sport 4S tires from its development partner MICHELIN on the car in sizes VA 245/30 ZR21 and HA 325/25 ZR21 on its new high performance forged wheel. The ultra – light monoblock rims, produced in 9×21 and 11/21, reduce the unsprung mass of the vehicle, thereby improving its accelerating and braking behavior. POGEA sport shocks also optimize driving stability and are a great accent to the rims.

The POGEA RACING FPlus CORSA conversion, limited to 20 builds, will be manufactured fully in Germany after clients place their order and deliver a series vehicle, and will be returned with all required TÜV permits.

POGEA RACING will also equip the 488’s cockpit to create a custom control center for customers upon request. No matter whether you’re interested in a full leather design in your favorite color or additional visible carbon appliques, Eduard Pogea’s specialist team is happy to fulfill any request with the passion and expert professional knowledge you expect on exclusive Italian sportscars.

With this extraordinary car being built in a limited run, which only 4 are designated to the European market, it will be a very rare thing, should you ever be lucky enough to see one on the road…

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