Pogea Racing Nemesis –the ultimate Alfa Romeo 4C

Pogea Racing Nemesis –the ultimate Alfa Romeo 4C

Every now and again you are forced to rethink the system of values you trust and question the up to now incontestable standards and sizes, in order to create space to broaden your own horizons. This, for example, becomes necessary when new achievements exceed your own imagination. The automotive refiner POGEA RACING from Friedrichshafen regularly succeeds with the presentation of its finely tuned sports cars. The latest mind-expanding creation is named NEMESIS and is the final stage of a full scale customisation of the Alfa Romeo 4C. Even more impacting, even more agile and even faster, the turbo fueled four cylinder engine proves itself and with its outrageously powerful 477 hp (351kW) forces a complete reset of the usual sensory perception.

However, not only the engine receives a fundamental overhaul – deep, wide and evil, the POGEA RACING NEMESIS painted in “stealth grey pearl effect matt by GLASURIT” dominates its surroundings after the conversion and makes an unmistakable statement with its sensational design: “I belong at the front”, is the statement of every fibre of the new bodywork, made of ultralight autoclave carbon fibre. This is ensured by a redesigned front apron and striking side skirts with integrated additional cooling for engine and gearbox oil. At the rear, a powerful spoiler impresses as it is enthroned on aluminium feet with an adjustable wing profile.

This extends the limit of adherence in fast cornering by additional downforce. And the redesigned rear apron with the integrated diffuser also does its part in keeping the NEMESIS on course during high speed driving. The distinctive eye catching silhouette is what is known as a SCOOP superstructure, which replaces the rear window with open louvres and floods the engine compartment with cool fresh air.

And this is urgently needed: because the NEMESIS not only looks martial, but is also bursting with engine power thanks to extensive mechanical and electronic adjustments. The POGEA engine technicians have been able to coax an outrageous 477hp / 351 kW and a maximum torque of 535 Nm at 3,300 crankshaft revolutions out of the 1,995 cc extended cubic capacity of the Alfa engine. The necessary work in addition to a newly programmed engine and transmission electronics included profound interventions in the mechanics of the drive unit: Sleeves to increase cubic capacity, a CNC forged crankshaft, a CNC machined cylinder head, larger intake and exhaust valves, modified intake and exhaust camshafts, forged pistons and rods, as well as Garrett GTX Generation 2 turbochargers with external wastegate are just the main components of a long list of modifications.

Suitably strengthened it sprints to 100 km/h in a lightning fast 3.6 seconds. And the top speed also benefits from the POGEA measures: It keeps on accelerating until 308 km/h – the series model gives way to air resistance already at 258 km/h. Powerfully supported with the right sound from the carbon tailpipes of the MONSTER sports exhaust system, the NEMESIS is prepared for a well planned attack on existing performance records.

The adjustable “POGEA V23 Coilover suspension by KW” and strengthened motorsport brake pads and brakes with braided steel lines support the objective. And the combination of wheels/tyres chosen also makes a significant contribution to improving performance on straight and twisty roads: ultra-light, forged POGEA BLADE rims in the sizes 8.5 x 18″and 9.5 x 19″ with CUP 2 high performance tyres in the sizes front axle 225/40 ZR18 and rear axle 265/35 ZR19 from the cooperation partner Michelin are chosen for this purpose.

A NEMESIS would not be from POGEA without an opulent refined interior that is in no way inferior to the exterior. For this purpose, experienced saddlers transform the interior of the series model cockpit into an individualised control centre with leather, Alcantara and the finest contrast stitching, produced in the best manufactured quality.

Whether with its opulent interior, its extrovert design or its engine power, the NEMESIS succeeds in continuing the excellent tuning culture even in the final stage of expansion and leads the company into a successful future. This is demonstrated by the fact that the first sale was to a customer from Australia. Other interested parties will have to hurry, the NEMESIS is limited to a quantity of 5 vehicles.

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