Lancia For Sale?

Saddled with just one model, the Ypsilon, and now only available in Italy, Lancia has sadly become a very pale shadow of it’s former self. The Car that lit up Rally stages around the world, adorned bedroom walls with the Stratos, made you go weak at the knees at the sight of an Integrale has all but gone, now comes the news that Lancia may be up For Sale.

This week, publication AlVolante.it has stated that the famous Italian carmaker will be offered for sale, citing a quote from Sergio Marchionne: “The important thing [for Fiat Chrysler] is to earn, not lose.” If this rings true, it is a dark day.

I have long said that FCA can turn around Lancia’s fortunes, in much the same way the VW Group did with Skoda. Especially since Fiat might concentrate on small cars such as the 500 and Panda in the future, it would leave a gap above Fiat but below Alfa Romeo that Lancia could easily fill.

Should Lancia be sold, the big question is who wants it? The aforementioned VW Group probably has enough in the family to keep itself busy, it is unlikely to be of interest to any of the German automakers, and those from the land of the rising Sun would not see it as a wise financial gamble.

So what then? It certainly does not look good, should FCA then let the brand ‘die’ not only will it be bad (being polite!) but a missed opportunity, but there is one last hope, Electric, Lancia could become FCA Group’s Electric Future, new technology and a new beginning…

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