Lamborghini Super Trofeo takes on Monza

The tenth edition of the Lamborghini Super Trofeo Europe got underway from Monza this weekend with a line-up of 48 cars, which was a record number of appearances on the Brianza circuit for the one-make series of the House of Sant’Agata Bolognese, which coincided with the continental debut of the new Huracán Super Trofeo Evo.

Race 1:

The first race of the opening round of the calendar offered so much entertainment, with the two rookies Giacomo Altoè and Job Van Uitert that took the win after an end full of surprises. For the crew of Antonelli Motorsport, the victory took place on the finish straight, after a sprint that saw the Dutchman overtake James Pull (Bonaldi Motorsport) just before the finish line. The latter, paired with Kelvin Snoeks, had inherited the lead a minute and a half from the end of the time, when the Pole Karol Basz, who firmly maintained the leading position after taking over the wheel from his co-driver Vito Postiglione (who had scored the pole with Imperiale Racing and was always ahead of everyone in the first driving “stint”), was forced to slow down remarkably. Kikko Galbiati and Joffrey De Narda also took the podium with the sister car of Antonelli Motorsport. The new duo of VS Racing formed by Takashi Kasai and Philipp Wlazik instead scored a fourth-place finish and a win in the PRO-AM category.
In the AM, the victory went to Raffaele Giannoni (Automobile Tricolore), after a penalty was inflicted on the Swiss of Autovitesse, Cedric Leimer. The Thai Supachai Weeraborwornpong won in the Lamborghini Cup with the Team Lazarus.
Many were the protagonists of the first of the six double rounds of the Lamborghini Super Trofeo Europe. Postiglione and the 2016 PRO champion Dennis Lind (Target Racing) took the two pole positions in qualifying. At the start, Postiglione maintained the lead ahead of Axcil Jefferies (Konrad Motorsport) and Snoeks, while Rik Breukers moved up to fourth position with the Lamborghini of GDL Racing, after overtaking that of Loris Spinelli (Antonelli Motorsport). Patrick Kujala (Bonaldi Motorsport) also managed to reach the leading positions.
Everything went on without major upheavals until after the pit-stops. It was then that the intervention of the first safety car of the season became necessary because of the car of Povesian Matiazi and Renato Silveira Braga (Artline Racing) that stopped at the entrance of the first variant, where a multiple contact took place almost simultaneously, involving other three drivers.
After almost ten minutes of neutralization, the lead was taken by Basz, who had taken over the wheel from Postiglione. Behind him were Pull and the car of VS Racing shared by Felipe Ortiz and Tuomas Tujula, who climbed to third position after an excellent initial recovery but were then forced to stop. This was the first of a series of unexpected events that affected an surprising end.
Fredrik Bomstedt, who shared the wheel with Kujala, debuted in the series with a fifth place overall. Lucas Mauron and Luca Rettenbacher (MSG Motorsport) concluded sixth. Behind them, the first ten positions were completed by Giannoni, Leimer, the other duo of Imperiale Racing formed by Massimo Mantovani and the young rookie Davide Venditti and the Scandinavian pair composed by Lind and Simon Larsson.
Giacomo Altoè/Antonelli Motorsport (1st overall and PRO): “We had a bit of luck to win at the last meter. But so are the races. We were very careful to preserve the car until the last minute and were rewarded in the end”.
Philipp Wlazik/VS Racing (1st PRO-AM): “I’m really happy to have started the season with the Vincenzo Sospiri team with this victory and fourth place overall. The race was very tough, also because of the heat, but we managed to finish it in the best possible way”.
Raffaele Giannoni/Automobile Tricolore (1st AM): “It was a very intense race because I started 29th and finished seventh overall and took a class victory. I managed to set a great pace and do a lot of overtaking. It was really fantastic!”.
Supachai Weeraborwornpong/Team Lazarus (1st Lamborghini Cup): “This was my debuting race in the European series and also the first one here at Monza. It was a very tough race, which I was able to manage well. I’m happy to have started the season in this way”.

Race 2: The victory goes to Basz and Postiglione

Karol Basz and Vito Postiglione have recovered from bad luck. After dominating Saturday’s Race 1 until just over a minute from the end of the time, the duo of the Imperiale Racing team succeeded in taking the victory in Race 2, by accurately managing every single lap. The first of the six rounds of the Lamborghini Super Trofeo Europe had the Antonelli Motorsport team among its protagonists: yesterday, the victory went to their PRO crew formed by Giacomo Altoè and Job Van Uitert, who finished the weekend at the top of the PRO standings, while today Loris Spinelli and Juan Perez have taken the top step of the podium in the PRO-AM. In the AM category, Raffaele Giannoni (Automobile Tricolore) has scored his second win in a row, whereas William Van Deyzen (Van der Horst Motorsport) has won in the Lamborghini Cup.
With a line-up of 47 new Lamborghini Huracán Super Trofeo Evos, the second of the two races of the Monza weekend, which inaugurated the tenth season of the Lamborghini one-make series, saw Dennis Lind take the lead in the early stages. The Dane of the Target Racing team maintained his leading position until the pit-stop window, which was preceded by a short neutralization caused by the entrance of the safety car. It was then that his place was taken by the young rookie Simon Larsson.
After the pit-stops, however, Postiglione, who had taken over the wheel from Basz (who set the second best time in qualifying) took the lead and progressively increased his advantage over the car shared by James Pull and Kelvin Snoeks, who certainly were among the most constant drivers of the weekend. The duo of Bonaldi Motorsport managed to repeat the second place scored in Race 1; immediately behind them was the pair Altoè-Van Uitert, aged respectively 17 and 19, who were both at their debut in the continental one-make series of the House of Sant’Agata Bolognese. Behind them were their teammates Spinelli and Perez, who did an amazing recovery after starting from P31.
Larsson, who was at his first experience in the series, showed a good performance and managed to take, together with Lind, the fifth place and the second in the PRO-AM. In the same class, the third step of the podium was taken by Milos Pavlović and Davide Roda (Antonelli Motorsport).
For Andrej Lewandowski and Piero Necchi (VS Racing) the victory faded at the very last moment in the AM and the latter had to surrender to Raffaele Giannoni at the last lap. The driver of Automobile Tricolore thus achieved the same successful result obtained in Race 1. Glauco Solieri took to his first podium whereas the other car of Antonelli Motorsport collected its third one in the same class. In the Lamborghini Cup,  the Dutchman William Van Deyzen (Van der Horst Motorsport) prevailed over the Thai Supachai Weeraborwornpong, who took the victory with the Team Lazarus on Saturday. Gerard Van der Horst finished in third position.
It is also worth mentioning Shota Abkhazava and Sergei Afanasiev (Artline Racing) who were close to the front group for most of the race. Edoardo Liberati also did a good start and was third in qualifying with the Lamborghini of VS Racing but finished eleventh and fifth in the PRO-AM together with Hans-Peter Koller.
The next round of the Lamborghini Super Trofeo Europe will take place at the Silverstone circuit on the weekend of May 19-20.
Vito Postiglione/Imperiale Racing (1st overall and PRO): “We certainly deserved this victory, as we deserved it yesterday. We knew that we had a very high performance car and showed this throughout the weekend. I want to thank the guys of the team and congratulate my new partner Karol Basz, who despite being in his second season, he proved to be a real professional driver”.
Loris Spinelli/Antonelli Motorsport (1st PRO-AM): “Even if yesterday things had to be a little easier for us, we suffered a lot. Today, my teammate Juan Perez was starting quite behind but was good at keeping calm. Thanks also to the safety car, we managed to move up to the first position and take an almost unexpected victory”.
Raffaele Giannoni/Automobile Tricolore (1st  AM): Monza is my favorite track. Starting the season with two victories can only make me happy. I am pleased with my lap times and the pace I set in both races”.
William Van Deyzen/Van der Horst Motorsport (1st  Lamborghini Cup): “It was a very difficult race, especially because of the very high temperatures. Winning here at Monza is always fantastic.”

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