Lamborghini Say Performance Will Determine Electric Future

Whilst many car makers are currently launching Electric Vehicles, such as Jaguar with the I-Pace (are we the only one’s that think it looks like a Kia?) and Porsche with their forthcoming Mission E, even Ferrari are rumoured to working on an Electric Supercar of some description, in Sant’agata Bolognese, Lamborghini are currently bucking the trend, seeming determined to be sticking with petrol for it’s V10 and V12 engines.  Speaking at the Geneva Motor Show, Maurizio Reggiani, Lamborghini’s director of R&D said they will only consider the possibility of an electric vehicle if it meets the company’s exceptionally high performance criteria.

Reggiani said that Lamborghini is open to the idea of electric vehicles but felt that when it comes to a super-sport vehicle like the ones Lamborghini makes, a fully electric vehicle should be able to exceed a speed of 186 mph and should have the capacity to complete three laps at full-speed of the Nordschleife track at the famous Nurburgring.

The main concern for Lamborghini seem’s to be the batteries, electric vehicles are known for covering long distances at slow speeds, certainly not fitting the criteria set by a car that produces Supercars. Lamborghini is working with partners like MIT on the development of new energy storage technologies, like supercapacitors. Reggiani expressed his hope that use of such new technologies will boost the storage capacity of batteries by 50 percent over the current lithium-ion batteries.

Reggiani also said that another team is working on the viability of energy storage in the vehicle body so that the car itself would function as a battery. If this can be achieved, the possibility of an all-electric Lamborghini cannot be ruled out.

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