Drop The Unreliability Tag

So watching the last episode of the current series of Top Gear Sunday evening, the guys came to the conclusion that the Alfa Romeo Stelvio was a better SUV than the RR Velar and Volvo XC60, after a fun yet predictable and uninformative test of the 3 vehicles, it was good to see the Alfa come out on top until Matt Le ‘Plonk’ dropped the bombshell that ‘Alfa Romeo still doesn’t make reliable cars…’ What?! Well done Matt, another funny but unfunny punch line!

Don’t these guys do any research, and not as in Googling some Survey that has been done with points awarded for Good or Bad Dealers, because as frustrating as it is to experience a bad dealership, for every bad one there is usually a good if not better one, plus in the case of Alfa Romeo they have such a smaller dealership network compared to others, the odds aren’t great to start with. But how about speaking to owners? That’s the way to find out the real truth. Yes I drive an Alfa, it’s my third, and my current Giulietta has covered more miles than the previous family car run by my wife (I had a company car), that such car was German & was unreliable, costing us more in repairs in the 5 years we owned it, than I have spent on fuel, insurance and road tax in the Giulietta. My Alfa Romeo’s before then where near enough faultless, in fact my 156 was and only went when I got a company car with a change of job and the family expanded as well so a bigger car was required.

This whole ‘Alfa’s are unreliable badge is boring, old news, it’s roots found in the 1980’s when Alfa’s did indeed have issues, but hang on so did other manufacturers, my mum had a VW that even though bought new, over the following 4 years had more rust points appear on it than a rusty bar in a scrapyard in the rain as well as interior issues, lots of laughs when you close the door and the handle comes off in your hand. That was followed by a new Nissan, this spent time in the garage after something went bang in the engine, rear hinges rusted on the boot, front electric windows packed in. And these the brands remembered for being reliable, and it isn’t just VW who have built their reputation on being indestructible, other car makers have followed suit, well guess what, I have had BMW’s and Merc’s and yes they also have had problems, leaking sunroofs, electrics, suspension arms. My point, quite simple, no car is bullet proof.

I’m not saying it’s all sunshine and rainbows, in fact it’s true that if you visit some of the Alfa Romeo forum’s, new Giulia owners are reporting problems, well yes, that’s why you never buy a new car in it’s first 12 months of launch. Having worked in car sales, many moon’s ago, it is a well known fact that despite the thousands of miles a car goes through in testing before it is launched, nothing can prepare it for the real world. So very often, more often than not, a new car, especially one built from the ground up, not a midlife ‘facelift’ model, you will find some problems, recalls etc, any car, any manufacturer, in fact Lexus have been one of the worst for recalls with things breaking and yet always finish high up in reliability surveys (good dealers)?!

So back to Top Gear, drop the stupid Unreliable Tag and embrace the fact that Alfa Romeo is still building car’s we want, that make us look twice at it and smile, they are no more unreliable than most other car makers, so get a grip and enjoy them…now I’m just off out to help a friend who has text saying his 3 series dashboard is lit up like a Christmas tree, think I’ll take the Alfa…


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