Cinquecento Smile, the story of a classic Fiat 500

Many of us have thought about owning a classic car, and the joys and frustrations that can bring. My own experience was one of mainly joy, but the occasional frustration (like the time the alternator went and it ran out of electricity on the M40). A Cinquecento must be one of the smallest and simplest introductions to classic motoring, with prices starting to rise fairly quickly. The biggest single thing about owning a classic 500 is the smile it brings to your face and to others, according to Gary from Leicester. Gary’s Fiat Cinquecento is a true labour of love, with around 10 years being spent on its restoration. It was bought in such a state that the cost was the princely sum of £100, and much time, effort and money has been spent on it since. Gary is often asked how much he is willing to sell it for but to him its priceless, as is the reaction when people see Gary fitting into this micro-car.

This Cinquecento has been restored to the extent that it is practically a new car, with real attention to detail and a completely new interior. Some changes have also been made to make it more usable, with the engine upgraded to a 595cc and a synchromesh gearbox fitted for example. Compared to a modern Fiat 500 it really is tiny, not that I noticed that when touring Scandinavia in one as a child.

Everywhere it goes it grabs attention, with people wanting to take pictures and talk about the little Fiat. At Christmas it even wears a Santa hat, much to the embarrassment of Gary’s wife. Gary takes it to the occasional car event, like the Horsham Italian Festival, and has just started to do weddings and events through www.fiat500hire.com The biggest challenge with this can often be getting the bride in to the car, especially when she has a large dress, but this is solved through basically removing the front seat.

So was it worth it? Of course, Gary says, just to see the smile on people faces and the reaction it gets. Should you get your own classic Fiat 500? Yes, as long as you are prepared for lots of attention and a far bit of hard work.


For more about the classic Fiat 500 then watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LNB-uj5fmw4&t=70s

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Author: Paul Rose


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