Are Pot Holes The Reason For The Rise Of The SUV?

Read the title? Come to the conclusion No? Of course you did, but humour me for a moment or two. As we have officially entered spring – so they tell us – and we drive down the roads, what is the biggest threat to the motorist?  Deer leaping out maybe, PC Plod’s Speed Camera’s or the Road itself? Yes the road, or to be exact Pot Holes. It has been all over the news recently that the UK has become the Pot Hole capital of the world, yes the WORLD!

So bearing in mind our roads are a mess, and local councils seem to use anything and everything as a short term temporary fix, including coco-pops (just a rumour?!) What should the motorist do to ensure he isn’t left with a broken wheel or worse, damaged suspension or such like when entering one of these Black Holes, sorry Pot Holes. The answer is to buy an SUV, with greater ride height, bigger wheels and tyres, these vehicles don’t seem daunted by those holes in the ground that the rest of us are concerned with. It seems the majority of SUV driver’s don’t even concern themselves with Pot Holes, one friend who drives one of these ‘King Of The Holes’ simply said ‘it just goes right over them’ .

Is this it then, is it that Pot Holes mean more people are buying SUV’s to avoid this danger on the roads, is there a back hander situation going on here as to why the government and local council’s don’t seem to repair these Pot Hole’s properly so more people buy SUV’s, meaning more money for Car Maker’s, is there a conspiracy theory going on here? Erm, probably not but it’s an interesting observation.

Of course there is the other alternative, buy smaller, I have recently been driving round rather happily in a small Fiat Panda, and by small, I mean small, next to the new Nissan Micra, the Nissan is more Nissan Huge, but the Panda is a lot of fun, it is also very nimble, meaning I can quite literally whizz in between any Pot Holes like I’m taking a chicane on a circuit, and so far I can report, no broken wheels or damaged tyres, I just have to be careful not to drive into a Pot Hole in the little Fiat or I’ll never be seen again…

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