Alfa Romeo makes Top 3

So Alfa Romeo have made the Top 3, no not of the best performance car of the year, or best SUV, but no3 in the Top Ten of the car brand’s most likely to be vandalised?! The recent poll, conducted by insurer’s Chuchill, Oh Yes, show’s that there is no stereotypical car likely to end up in this Top Ten.

The Smart car comes out top, quite why you vandalise a Smart is unknown, although the Churchill does say the vandalism includes Supermarket trolley prangs, so likely somebody mistook a Smart at it’s local Tesco and tried putting a £1 coin in it’s rear to go shopping, I’m only guessing.

Of course anybody who vandalise’s a car, or in fact anything, should be dealt with in a way that would warrant an 18 certificate if viewed but that aside, this latest poll is a real mix of car brand’s, BMW sits 4th,  fellow German car maker Mercedes made no 9, the real surprise is Saab in 7th, Saab? I can’t remember the last time I saw one, let alone any on the local high street in a position to be vandalised.

The outcome of this poll is that no one car brand it would seem is immune from some muppet being either very careless, or somebody with less than 2 brain cell’s mistaking a parked car for a place to exhibit their latest art work…



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