Small Fiats The Way Forward?

As we reported in our news today – https://enzari.com/news/500-and-panda-are-fiats-future-says-marchionne/

– it seems the way forward for Fiat in Europe is the small car, with the success of the forever young 500 and an Enzari favourite, the Panda, CEO Sergio Marchionne says these are the cars he believes Fiat should stick with if it is to remain a strong brand.


I have to say, I agree, kind of, bear with me…Fiat has a great history of the small car, giving the Italian people the means to travel, cars for the common people you might say. Returning to its roots, or sticking to just the 500 and Panda, wouldn’t be a bad thing. The 500 is Chic and Cool, even the larger 500x and 500L have a certain Italian something about them. When it comes to the Fiat Panda, it is so basic, so back to form that it is just brilliant in its own little way, despite having next to no power, you can really throw it about.

Here at Enzari we run a Panda and whilst colleagues in their Cars struggled with the recent snow, the Panda just took it all in its stride and motored on, bouncing over snow drifts and pot holes alike, without a care in the world, brilliant!

So yes having Fiat as the producer of small cars could well be a shrewd, clever move. Which addresses the problem with the Tipo, not that there is a problem with it, as an alternative to a Vauxhall Astra or equivalent French thingy’ it’s fine, but if Fiat decided it no longer wanted to produce a car for the Family Hatchback sector, I also think that is fine.

You see as Alfa Romeo took a step up and taken on the likes of BMW and Mercedes, the price of an New Alfa reflects this. So there is a gap in the FCA Group, a sector in the market that is above the small Fiats but not in the Alfa Romeo bracket, a sector that needs filling…step forward Lancia, it would be the perfect way to reintroduce the Italian Brand to the world, it has worked for VW with Skoda, so it could work for FCA with Lancia, it would be a bold move, an interesting one but feasible… now someone get me Sergio Marchionne’s direct number…


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